Allen Boozer

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"In addition to teaching, much of my time is spent on theoretical research on plasmas. The primary areas of physics used in theoretical plasma research are Hamiltonian mechanics including chaos, electrodynamics, and statistical physics. A major application of my research is the confinement of plasmas sing magnetic fields. Such confinement is of interest for obtaining energy to replace that presently obtained from oil, gas, and coal) from the fusion of isotopes of hydrogen heated to a few hundred million degrees centigrade. A second application is to plasmas of astrophysical interest, in particular plasma of the solar corona. "


Prof. Boozer has been at Columbia since 1994. "As a plasma theorist, the focus of my research is on classical physics. At present my graduate students are working on the development of a df Monte Carlo code to carry out plasma transport calculations that were previously impossible and on the evolution of a magnetic field that is embedded in a chaotic plasma flow, which obeys an equation of advection diffusion type.


B.A., Virginia, 1966; Ph.D., Cornell, 1970

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