Daniel Beshers

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[I expect students to get from my classess a] knowledge of basic principles that are useful guides to understanding complex properties of materials. This implies some ability to apply the principles in practice.


Has taught at Columbia since Sept. '57 = 42 years New York Chapter, ASM, Education Award, 1972; Chairman, 1965 Gordon Conference on Physical Metallurgy. Research on Mechanical behavior of materials, especially magnetomechanical damping; micromechanics of laminar composites. "My research interests are concerned with processes of energy loss in solids, mostly mechanical energy, particularly nonlinear examples, and also with any changes in the structure (ie possible damage, that accompany the loss (dissipation); these processes involve the structural features known as dislocations and magnetic domain walls, and their dynamic behavior."


B.A., Swarthmore, 1949; M.S., Illinios, 1951; Ph.D., 1956

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