Thomas Pedersen

Survey Results

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Instructor: Organization and Preparation4
Instructor: Classroom Delivery4.5
Instructor: Approachability5
Instructor: Overall Quality4.5
Course: Amount Learned5
Course: Appropriateness of Workload4
Course: Fairness of Grading Process4
Course: Quality of Text3
Course: Overall Quality4.5

Course Information

Prerequisite: PHYS W3008 or ELEN E3401. Definition of a plasma. Plasmas in laboratories and nature, plasma production. Motion of charged particles in electric and magnetic fields, adiabatic invariants. Heuristic treatment of collisions, diffusion, transport, and resistivity. Plasma as a conducting fluid. Electrostatic and magnetostatic equilibria of plasmas. Waves in cold plasmas. Demonstration of laboratory plasma behavior, measurement of plasma properties. Illustrative problems in fusion, space, and nonneutral or beam plasmas.

Department: Applied Physics and Applied Math(APAM)

Subject: Applied Physics(APPH)

School: Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Division: School of Engineering and Applied Science: Graduate

Course ID: 4301