Andrew Laine

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I am highly "available" to my students and usually straight forward when writing exams. I try to make my classes as "hands on" as possible and strive to make productive use of class time. Since the material I teach (image analysis) is largely visual in nature, my classes utilize the interactive learning environments available with the School of Engineering, including the Gateway Laboratory and computer instructional classrooms. I hope that students taking my classes will become excited about the accepting the challenges in the interdisciplinary profession of biomedical imaging. In my classes I try to motivatate the most compelling problems in medicine with known limitations of existing state-of-the-art engineering solutions. Thus the students will see a balance of clinically driven problems and are motivated to learn about engineering methods of solution. It is always best if the student brings energy into the classroom. I expect students taking my classes to be motivated and willing to work hard (at least in the beginning). At the end of the semester they are usually enthusiastic about the profession and appreciate the opportunities it may bring to their lifes in terms of bridging mathematics, engineering and science and forming the basis of an exciting career in both industry and scholarly research in academics.


I joined Columbia in July of 1997, so I have been here almost two years. My research interests include quanitiative methods of analysis for computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, and digital radiology positron emission tomography (PET), NMR spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging. For a description of current active research projects and downloadable research publications please visit my web site at


Cornell University, B.S. Washington University, M.S., D.Sc.

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CUNIX ID: al418