Paul Shapiro

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The class I teach is a first course in database management systems, teaching database concepts, data modeling and database design. Concepts and tools will be integrated in a small-group term project by designing and implementing an actual information system. After completing the course students will understand, and be able to use, database system capabilities. Students should be able to specify data requirements, evaluate possible data structures, and implement a working system prototype.


My original background is in naval architecture and marine engineering, specifically in fluid mechanics. I've also worked in biomedical engineering and research, mechanical engineering and research, and factory operations analysis. Every one of these disciplines turned out to benefit from database technology. Other than teaching, I do computer-related consulting. Primary activities are database applications and interactive, database-driven web sites.


S.B., Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, MIT, 1973; S.M., Ocean Engineering, 1975; Ph.D., Fluid Mechanics, 1977

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