Michael Mauel

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As an applied physicist and an active researcher of high-temperature plasma physics, I am a student of what might be created in the laboratory using bit of coaxing and some beautiful rules from mother nature. As a teacher, I try to foster the act of discovery in the classroom. My courses often contain mini-research projects instead of the more traditional problem assignments. These give students some freedom to explore what they are learning and develop individual interests. I enjoy the give-and-take of classroom discussions, and I find this happens naturally in a topics-focused course. My students and I are able to see the connections between the small discoveries we make in class and the larger discoveries being made every day in the world of applied science.


"I am involved with two major experiments in Columbia's Plasma Physics Laboratory and with several experimental efforts at the national Plasma Physics Laboratory and nearby Princeton and at the General Atomics DIII-D tokamak located outside San Diego."


B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978; M.S., 1979; Sc.D., 1983

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