Gautam Dasgupta

Survey Results

21 of 20 students responded

Instructor: Organization and Preparation4.29
Instructor: Classroom Delivery4.05
Instructor: Approachability4.43
Instructor: Overall Quality4.14
Course: Amount Learned3.57
Course: Appropriateness of Workload4.05
Course: Fairness of Grading Process4
Course: Quality of Text2.86
Course: Overall Quality3.9

Course Information

Vibrations of one, two, and three degree of freedom systems and of a taut string; natural frequencies and modes; kinematics of rigid bodies; momentum and energy theorems and methods; Euler's equations.

Department: Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics(CEEM)

Subject: Engineering Mechanics(ENME)

School: Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Division: School of Engineering and Applied Science: Undergrad

Course ID: 3106