Aron Pinczuk

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My interests are in the general area of research of nanostructures by optical methods. The nanostructures are artificial systems constructed by novel fabrication techniques that take advantage of atomic control of composition and layer thickness. A diverse group of such nanostructures has revolutionized the technologies of contemporary microelectronics and optoelectronics. At Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, much of my work has centered on semiconductor heterostructures. Using experimental tools such as inelastic light scattering we are able to characterize the confinement of electron states, and the collective behaviors of charge carriers in quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots. In recent low-temperature inelastic light scattering experiments, we demonstrated, for the first time, the measurement of elementary excitations of electron quantum liquids in two-dimensional systems. This research reveals quantum behavior that is not easily accessible by other methods. We are currently studying extremely low-density systems with the goal of understanding fundamental electron-electron interactions. In January 1998 I accepted a position of full-time Professor in the Depts. of Applied Physics and Physics at Columbia University. At the same time I continue with research programs at Bell Laboratories. I anticipate continuity of work in the general area of low temperature physics of electron systems in semiconductor heterostructures. I will also extend the reach of my research interests to include other areas such as studies of a diverse group of ultra-thin multilayers. Initial work in this area will include systems constructed with piezoelectric and/or ferroelectric materials. I believe this research will uncover novel fundamental physics which also has impact on materials science.


1969 PhD University of Pennsylvania; Licenciade, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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