Vijay Modi

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For a basic core course such as Thermodynamics, I have a very straightforward goal. Convey the fundamentals of Thermodynamics that are relevant to every Mechanical Engineer. In order to achieve this, I try to constantly emphasize a) Why we are learning the subject and b)What is fascinating and different about this subject. For the Energy course, which is more of a survey course students get to learn about the kind of things they are really interested in when they think of mechanical engineering but had to wait until they learn the fundamentals: car and truck engines, aircraft engines, gas turbines, wind turbines, cogeneration, solar cells, fuel cells. I desire to ennjoy the learning process rather thabn see it as burdensome. Interesting I find that most students do have this desire. I think that learning is a time consuming process but it should never be tedious. Find out from the teacher in the first class exactly what you will learn in the course and how it is related to your (student's) broader goals. My interests are in the field of Energy Conversion, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer. The one thing I would like the students to know about me, is that they should NEVER NEVER BE SHY to ask questions in the class.


Professor Modi has been at Columbia for 13 years. Professor Modi's current research and projects: Computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer and optimum design; modelling of internal and external flows, web offset lithography; continuous web manufacturing, electrochemical deposition; heat exchanger design.


B. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), 1978; Ph.D., Cornell, 1984

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