Rene Chevray

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My goal in teaching these courses is to have students *really* understand fluid mechanics from a physical point of view.


Professor Chevray has been at Columbia for 17 years. Professor Chevray is in research in Dynamical Systems in Fluid Mechanics and Chaotic Advection: A novel method of fluid mixing "chaotic advection""is studied from a fundamental point of view; Development of a new model of Turbulence; Coating processes with Viscoelastic Liquids; Drag Reduction by Polymeric Fluid. "My interests are to conduct all kinds of experimental and numerical fluids experiments in the laboratory. I always enjoy having undergraduates working on research projects in the lab. and almost every year I have one or two such groups."


B.S., Toulouse, 1962; M.S., Iowa, 1964; Ph.D., 1967; Sc.D., Universite Claude Bernard, 1978

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