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The students should get a comprehensive mastery of the subject I teach. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen, and the choice of how thorough to be is up to the indvidual. I try to emphasize concepts and models that will be useful in training the mind to get at the basic answers without a lot of computational labor. The latter is needed when wants all the details, but this is not the case in the classroom.


Professor Marshall is an active member in the FEL research. FEL research at Columbia, which began in 1975, has focused upon the validation of the physical principles that govern the FEL interaction. In 1978, a group including himself and Professor Perry Schlesinger operated the first FEL in the regime of exponential gain. They have investigated FEL gain, efficiency (including efficiency enhancement techniques), optical guiding, and sideband generation using the laboratory's 800kV pulseline accelerator. "My research interests are summarized on the website. In a rather long career here, I have persued interests in laser atomic physics, plasma science, the physics of fusion energy, free electron lasers, and most recently, novel accelerator physics. At the moment my experimental projects are set up at Yale, or at Brookhaven."


B.S., Case Institute of Technology, 1957; M.S., Illinois, 1958; Ph.D., 1960

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