Jeff Welser

Courses Taught


As an adjunct professor, I am hoping to be able to not only teach students the basics of semiconductor devices, but also to give them a good feeling for what a person in device research in industry actually works on, and cares about, beyond all the equations that have to be memorized.


I am currently a Research Staff Member, Manager at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, which means I do some research on my own as well as managing a group of about 10 other RSMs. My (and my groups) focus is on Si devices and device physics, and we do mostly exploratory or novel device work (i.e. not work on designing the next generation of MOSFET, but rather looking at things further out). My research has been on various topics, including SiGe and strained-Si materials and FETs; novel memory devices, including a quantum dot memory, a nano-crystal Si FLASH memory, and a DRAM incorporating a vertical transistor; and some optical devices, including a novel Si PiN photodetector and a Si-based wavelength filtering method. As you can guess from this, my teaching specialties are in the semiconductor device area, with a good knowledge of device physics and material science.


BSEE 88; MSEE 89; PhD 94 all at Stanford

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