Vijay Modi

Survey Results

5 of 7 students responded

Instructor: Organization and Preparation3.2
Instructor: Classroom Delivery3.2
Instructor: Approachability2.8
Instructor: Overall Quality3
Course: Amount Learned3.4
Course: Appropriateness of Workload2.4
Course: Fairness of Grading Process2.6
Course: Quality of Text3.2
Course: Overall Quality3.2

Course Information

Prerequisite: Physics C1406, C1407, and C1411. Investigation of methods of measurement of size, surface characteristics, pressure, temperature, force, acceleration, and flow. Dynamic measurements employing the recording oscillograph and cathode ray oscilloscope in conjunction with strain gauges, thermocouples, hot wire anemometer. Optical methods including radiation monochrometer and schlieren. A laboratory fee of $25 is collected at the first meeting.

Department: Mechanical Engineering(MECE)

Subject: Mechanical Engineering(MECE)

School: Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Division: School of Engineering and Applied Science: Undergrad

Course ID: 3508