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Question Period:Spring 2001 Final Evaluations
Department:Mathematics (MATH)
Professor:Troels Jorgensen
Class:MATH1102 CALCULUS IIA Section 003 Spring 2001
Class:MATH1102 CALCULUS IIA Section 004 Spring 2001
Class:MATH4042 INTRO TO MODERN ALGEBRA II Section 001 Spring 2001

Response Statistics

Total Students:221
Students Evaluated:109

General Questions


Average (Graphical)

Instructor: Organization and Preparation 48 35 23 2 1 4.17 5 0.88
Instructor: Classroom Delivery 45 33 30 1 0 4.12 5 0.84
Instructor: Approachability 72 21 15 1 0 4.5 5 0.76
Instructor: Overall Quality 48 40 20 1 0 4.24 5 0.78
Course: Amount Learned 37 35 28 6 3 3.89 5 1.03
Course: Appropriateness of Workload 63 30 14 2 0 4.41 5 0.78
Course: Fairness of Grading Process 61 33 13 1 1 4.39 5 0.8
Course: Quality of Text 30 41 34 4 0 3.89 4 0.85
Course: Overall Quality 50 44 15 0 0 4.32 5 0.7

Text Responses

MATH1102 Section 003 Spring 2001
  • This is a class in which the students have to take an active role in the learning process. The basic skills needed in Calculus are nevertheless honed.
  • i was taking this class just to fulfill a requirement, and it bored me to death because i had already learned the stuff before, but the thing is, i felt that a lot of the stuff was just taught wrong sometimes, which is why i decided not to go to class.
  • This course has been a very satisfactory experience. I highly reccomend taking Calculus with professor Jorgensen.
  • he was good instructor.. he made calculus fun to learn.. he had lot of energy in him everyday.
  • Professor Jorgensen is a great calculus professor. He uses fun techniques to gain the students interest.
  • Classes were pretty interesting, and Prof. Jorgensen is very knowledgable. A lot of students did not attend class and others did not listen. But I found that when I listened to him and took notes I really learned the material. Prof Jorgensen is a very fair teacher and I enjoyed having him as my teacher.
  • Professor Troels Jorgensen is THE best math professor ever. If Columbia University had all professors like him, it would have been the most popular university in the country.
  • Thanks to a year of calculus in high school, i had little difficulty in this course. However, I feel that anyone learning this material for the first time would be at a serious disadvantage. Although Troels is very kind and more than generous in terms of grades, his organization and explanations often left me quite confused. Yet, overall, I enjoyed this class very much.
  • Prof. Jorgensen is one of the best professors I've ever had. His teaching methods are spectacular and he is ver approachable!
  • He is the best professor and makes learning fun!!!!
  • really nice guy. Not too much work. Sometimes the lectures are a bit confusing, he tends to use some complex methods to do things, little tricks that most people dont know and he sometimes doesnt explain. But overall a good, clear teacher
  • Troels Jorgensen is the best math professor in the world!!!
  • Troels Jorgenson is a lively and approachable teacher. He truly made this course as fun as Calculus can be.
  • Prof. Jorgenson did something no other calc teacher has ever done -- he made the subject palatable and enjoyable. He really cares about his students and wants to make sure every one of us leaves the class without a fear of calculus.
  • trols is a great teacher. Although a bit confused at times, the things i did learn i know very well. he was very accomidating and extremely willing to help.
  • best teacher i have had...its a large class but i have a close relationship with TJ
  • i loved the class. my only concern was that th skipped many topics
  • Jorgensons class was very good. Unlike some other professors, he takes his time while teaching. He does not teach to the board but rather to the class. He also takes time to explain concepts and makes sure all is clear and understood. He also is there for whenever a student might need extra help or have any questions.
  • Professor Jorgensen was a good professor but I felt he should have pushed forward to be a little more strict. People could easily cheat during the exams and get an A without really knowing any of the subject. This is a good class to get an easy grade but if you are really worried about learning the material, choose another professor.
  • Troels is the best math teacher to take. I will take any class that he teaches
  • Professor Jorgensen is the most wonderful professor I've encountered in Columbia. I would take a class just because he would be teaching the class.
  • The workload for jorgensen's class is ridiculously easy. He assigns about 5-10 problems per week (that over the course of two classes) and collects one at random. Any grade you get over the course of the term is dropped if it is less than the grade you get on the final, so it's pretty hard to mess up here. Jorgensen himself is very friendly and very approachable, and he has a great 'don't sweat the details' attitude.
  • This has been the best math class I have ever taken due to the way the prof. taught. He was understanding, clear, and made the course enjoyable. I looked forward to class each day and am very pleased with the prof.
  • troels is the man
  • The professor was very willing to help the students and it helped the quality of the material learned.
  • Jorgenson is good if you like easy classes.
  • Trolls was a very good teacher and id gladly take him again if I had the chance.
  • The teacher was always there when I needed to talk to him and I really felt good in class learning the materials. Even though I am not a math or science major, I did not feel pressed by the teacher for not understanding an equation or problem sets at first. He takes the class through everything at a good pace and I really had an enjoyable time learning in class.
  • great class, with a great teacher
  • Troels was the best math teacher I have ever had. He made me want to learn math and to learn from my mistakes.
  • he's a very good teacher and is always available for extra help
  • He's a great teacher although I really had no desire to learn calculus on a broad level. You should really offer a calculus class exclusively for Econ. majors since only 1/2 of the current syllabi apply to us.
MATH1102 Section 004 Spring 2001
  • Professor Jorgenson's class is great. He manages to take the stress out of calculus while makeing sure that his students know what they are doing. The atmosphere is relaxed.
  • great teacher and great class
  • Professor Jurgenson is a great instructor. He promotes learning, not just getting a good grade. His board skills are excellent, and he is a very approachable person. A+
  • Troels is a good teacher.
  • I loved it.
MATH4042 Section 001 Spring 2001
  • I really liked the presentation format this semester. I felt like I learned a great deal by having to prepare the material for others.
  • Thouroughly enjoyed the course. The professor does an excellent job of presenting daunting subject material in a friendly, easy to understand manner. I also enjoyed how Professor Jorgensen encouraged interaction between classmates by using teams and group presentations. I am sorry to hear that Professor Friedman will be instructing the class next fall as the class will inevitably go downhill for future students.
  • professor jorgensen is a great professor and an even greater person. i loved taking this class and i really learned more when i had to present. thanks for pushing me to learn more!
  • Good class - would recommend it to anyone interested.
  • i really enjoyed doing presentations. it was a nice way to learn the material without just having lectures. professor jorgenson was extremely friendly and accessible and made class an enjoyable time. the emphasis on attendance and participation made class based on effort not on inherent knowledge of the material. i really enjoyed this class. one of the best math courses i have taken at columbia.
    professor jorgenson is excellent.

TA Ratings

Overall Quality
CommentsStudent #
MATH1102 Section 003 Spring 2001
All TAs 4 4 4 4 4  3062
All TAs 4 3 3 3 4  3439
All TAs 4 5 2 3 3 I really did not see the TA very much. I did not feel he was a large part of the course.3484
All TAs 5 5 5 5 5  5673
All TAs 4 4 4 4 4 I was not very involved with the TAs, but the help was always available to the students.5738
Andrew Rudman 5 5 5 5 5  2187
MATH1102 Section 004 Spring 2001
All TAs 5 5 5 5 5  5394
MATH4042 Ari Stern Section 001 Spring 2001
Ari Stern 4 4 5 4 5 Ari was an excellent TA. He made sure to be availible to the students and would even meet outside of his office hours if required.3044
ari stern 3 5 0 0 3  3656
AVERAGE 4.22 4.44 3.67 3.67 4.22   ---