Aeration Tank - Detention Time

    1. Check the Average Hydraulic Detention Time q

    When QAd = 5 mgd

    Actual Volume (ft3) Q (gal/day)


    q > 3 hr, ok for the design

    When Q = 10 mgd

    q = 2.15 hr, acceptable during peak hourly flow

    2. Check the U and F/M

    V ?Total volume of tank

    Es ?BOD5 removal efficiency in aeration tank

    ok for the design

    QAd (gal/day) S0 (mg/l) S (mg/l) y Es

    Total Tank Volume, V(ft3) MLSS (mg/l) MLVSS/MLSS

    U (1/day) F/M (lb BOD5/lb VSS·d)

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