Aeration Tank - Sludge

    1. Calculate Wastage of Sludge QW

    Y QAd (gal/day) S0 (mg/l) S (mg/l) y

    Kd(1/day) qc (day) MLVSS/MLSS SSeff(mg/l)

    PX (lb/day) QW (lb/day)

    2. Return Sludge Rate

    R Return sludge ratio = Qr/Q

    Qr Return sludge flowrate from bottom of secondary settling tank to the inlet of aeration tank

    Select thickened sludge concentration at clarifier bottom

    7,500 ~ 11,000 mg/l, which depends on the operation condition of secondary settling tank

    When Q = 5 mgd

    q (hr) qc (day) Xr (mg/l)

    MLSS (mg/l) MLVSS/MLSS Q (gal/day)

    Return Sludge Ratio, R Qr (gal/day)

    Select R = 0.54 for the following hydraulic calculation.

    When Q = 10 mgd

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