Aeration Tank - Inlet and Outlet Structure

    1. Inlet and Outlet Structure

    a). Arrangement of influent distribution

    Pipe and inlet as Figure, each tank capable of independent operation through valve control,

    Inlet channel 2.5 2.5' along tank width.

    b). Arrangement of outlet structure

    Each tank can be drained to expected level by draining pipes arrangement for acclimatization(in initial operation time) and maintenance(during routine operation).

    Width d = 16'

    4 effluent trough 2.5 2.5', 4 effluent boxes with 2.5 2.5' 3

    use flat weir.

    c). Headloss from inlet to outlet

    D h 1 ft, estimation by experience or you can calculate D h with hydraulic equations.

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