Aeration System - Oxygen Requirement 2

    d). Air Volume Required

    Air specific weight = 0.075 lb/ft3

    Percent of oxygen by weight = 23.2%

    Consider safety factor » 2.0 for diurnal peak oxygen loading (Ten State Standard) and 40°C in

    summer situation.

    Design Qair,dV = 2.0 Qair = 2.0 × 5,113,220 = 10,226,440 ft3/day

    Qair,d for each tank = 10,226,440/4 = 2,556,610 ft3/day

    SOTR (lb O2/day) Air Specific Weight (lb/ft3) Safety FactorTank No.


    Total Air V for Average flow Designed Air V Air V per Tank

    e). Check Volume of Air Required per Lb BOD Removed

    which is > 1,500 ft3/lb BOD5 for peak hourly BOD5 loading

    Designed Air Volume (ft3/day) QAd (gal/day)

    S0 (mg/l) S (mg/l) y

    (ft3/lb BOD

    f). Check Agitation Requirement

    >30, ok for the design.

    Designed Air Volume (ft3/day) Total Tank Volume (ft3)

    (ft3 air/min·103 ft3 of tank volume)

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