Settling Tank - Inlet Design

     a). Inlet channel width = 2.5 ft, velocity in channel 1 ft/s

    Depth of water in inlet channel d: for 4 tanks operation

    3 tanks operation:

R # of Tanks Qp(gal/day) W(ft) Velocity in Chennel(ft/s)


     b). Select 10 submerged orifices with 1 2 dimension/each orifice

     orifice velocity 15 ~ 30 ft/min (recommended by Ten-State Standard)

     q/orifice at peak hourly flowrate:

     3 tank operation:

R # of Tanks Qp(gal/day) Area of Orifice(ft2) #of Orifice/Tank

q(ft3) Vorifice(ft/s)

      c). Headloss

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