Settling Tank - Outlet Design

     See Outlet Structure for comparison

     a). V-notch 90 angle, weir loading 14,000 gpd/LF at Qp

     b). Weir length per tank

# of Tanks Qp(mgd) Weir Loading Rate at Qp(gal/ft2)


      No. of launder required with two-side V-notch

      Collection trough width = 2.5 ft

Weir Length per Tank(ft) Width of Tank(ft) Width of Collection Trough(ft)

      c). No. of V-notch

      V-notch width at peak hourly flowrate

      For 4 tank service at Qp = 10 mgd,

      q flowrate pass V-notch

      Hydraulic headloss

      Ce = 0.578

      q = 90

# of Tanks Qp(mgd) Weir Length per Tank(ft) Width of V-Notch(in)


 No. of V-Notch per Tank Flowrate Pass Each V-notch(ft3/s) Headloss for each V-notch(ft)

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