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First Aid

The First Aid provides the procedure for responding to accidents where an injury or illness has occurred. The Policy on First Aid is as follows: 

- When immediate first aid is needed because of an injury or illness, call 911, then if there are qualified first aiders in your building, seek their assistance. First aiders may render aid for life-threatening conditions such as stopped breathing or excessive bleeding; treatment such as bandaging or splinting should not be attempted except under the supervision of proctors or medical personnel. All proctors are trained first aiders rendering this service as part of their job duties. 
- Persons with injuries or illnesses, which require emergency department facilities for treatment, are to be transported directly to the medical center. 
- All first aid supplies maintained by University departments and offices must be kept in sanitary condition. These supplies must be limited to simple household supplies such as band-aids and sterile gauze pads of various sizes which can be used to help in controlling heavy bleeding. In addition, the following personal protective materials are required and should be used when there is potential for exposure to blood or other body fluids. 
- Persons who wish to acquire first aid or CPR training are encouraged to avail themselves of local resources such as the Red Cross, local first aid squads, or University programs when offered.