Example Using psdchk1.m


The following function is used in the m-file psdchk1.m.


FunctTotal= 2 sin(2*pi*0.1) + 300 sin(2*pi*8) + 60 sin(2*pi*3)


with a sampling frequency, fs, of 20 Hertz and sampled from time = 0 to 30 seconds.


As shown in the figure below, the power spectral density will only display up to 10 Hertz, which is half the sampling frequency. There are peaks corresponding to the three input frequencies 0.1, 8 and 3 Hertz as well as a magnitude proportional to the amplitudes 2, 300 and 60 squared, divided by their respective frequencies. Note that if the sampling frequency was not greater than 16 Hertz the 8 Hertz signal would not have been captured.




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