Limited Test Example

Failed Tongue Force Endurance Protocol

We were working on designing a system to measure tongue strength with biofeedback. There was also interest in determining the endurance. How long could a person apply a force against a load cell while watching the sensorās output? Here are some questions that had to be answered:

Should they push the sensor at maximal voluntary strength (determined by a previous set of strength tests) or at a lower value?

When do you stop the test? When the subject gives up? When a certain lower limit force is reached? Should this lower limit be based on the strength tests?

(Include sketch of Ronās output and Cheungās output)


Approach 1: Instruct subject to push tongue against load cell as hard as possible for as long as possible. Stop the clock when the subject can no longer push?


Observation for Subject 1: Over repeated trials, Subject 1 pushed for several seconds then gave up. (See Figure.)


Comment: Approach 1 seemed promising.


Observation for Subject 2: Subject 2 pushed at his higher level for several seconds, then reduced force to about half for several seconds, the returned to higher level. (See Figure.)


Comment: This reduced force was apparently a resting period. Approach 1 was not suitable.


Exercise: Can you develop an approach that would be suitable for both? Can you think of other potential subjects that would need a third approach? What would then be your solution?



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