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Welcome to our homepage.  This website is continuously enhanced. Please let us know what you would like added.

We offer many valuable tools for persons interested in bioinstrumentation.


This site is designed for undergraduate students interested in learning about bioinstrumentation.  There is background information for newcomers and examples to assist those already enrolled in a bioinstrumentation course.

For Example, the tutorial "Understanding Aliasing, Sampling Rate and the Use of Power Spectral Densities" includes Matlab code which can easily be modified.

Click here to review a sampling of our materials available online. It provides a brief review to the steps involved in a clinical study, details on bioinstrumenation, acoustics and ultrasound. This site also reviews equations of motions and anthropometrics.  (Warning, the greek letters in some of our pages do not read probably with all internet browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer works well, but Netscape has problems.)  Contact Prof. Adrezin if there are questions.


Support for the development of this module was provided by the National Science Foundation and The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Please send questions or comments to Professor Ron Adrezin or Professor Daniel Raichel.