ChemGate Organization

The ChemGate Laboratory consists of four exercises on the various topics of the first term of general chemistry. These exercises represent 16% of a student's grade for the Fall Semester according to the following percent allocation:

  1. Trends in the Periodic Table - 4%
  2. The Structure of Molecules - 4%
  3. The Electronic Structure of Molecules - 4%
  4. Properties of Organic Molecules - 4%

The 2-hour ChemGate sessions take place in 314 Havemeyer. There are mandatory pre-lab ChemGate lectures on Fridays before the start of each module. These take place in 209 Havemeyer 9-9:50 AM OR 309 Havemeyer 11-11:50 AM. You can go to either section, regardless of your normal lecture time. Students will be divided into two groups: Group A and Group B.


Module ChemGate lecture Group A Group B
  A & B Weeks of Attendence Due Date Weeks of Attendence Due Date
I Sep 19 Sep 22 Oct 6 Sep 29 Oct 10
II Oct 3 Oct 6 Oct 17 Oct 13 Oct 24
III Oct 17 Oct 20 Oct 31 Oct 27 Nov 7
IV Nov 7 Nov 10 Nov 21 Nov 17 Dec 1
ChemGate Schedules last revised October 15, 1997.
ChemGate Section A Monday 2-4
ChemGate Section A Tuesday 4-6
ChemGate Section B Tuesday 4-6
ChemGate Section A Wednesday 4-6
ChemGate Section B Wednesday 4-6
ChemGate Section A Friday 2-4
ChemGate Section B Friday 2-4

Every Tuesday evening, there will be a free period from 7-10 PM when a student can come in to work on modules on his/her own time. In addition, there will be 2 "free" weeks when a student can come in to the computer laboratory to work on the modules on his/her own time. These are the weeks of (starting on Monday) November 3 (except for Election Day holidays) and November 24 (except for Thanksgiving Day holidays.)

Handing in Exercises

Any Exercise may be turned in earlier than the due date. A student's folder must be signed either by one of the Chemistry teaching assistants who are assigned to the ChemGate Laboratory or by the instructor of the ChemGate course in order to verify that the Exercise was completed.

Only the ChemGate instructor or ChemGate assistants can sign your folder.

ChemGate Evaluation Form

After finishing the Exercises, students must also complete the ChemGate Evaluation Form in order to receive a grade for this component of the course. This is due in room 318 Havemeyer by December 5, 1997.