General Chemistry C1404 - Spring 2001

The Chemwrite Program in Chemistry
Spring Term, 2001
Chemwrite list:

1) John Emsley: The 13th Element. The Sordid Tale of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorus.
2) Henry Petroski: The Pencil. A History of Design and Circumstance.
3) Carlo Cerignani: Ludwig Boltzmann. The Man Who Trusted Atoms.
4) Walter Gratzer: The Undergrowth of Science. Delusion, Self-deception, and Human Frailty.
5) Douglas Starr: Blood. An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce.
6) Roald Hoffmann: The Same and Not the Same. A Literary Illumination of Some Mysteries of the
Central Science.

1) Read one of the books in the list above. The books are, or will soon be, available in the Columbia University book store. The books are also available at most online bookstores.

2) Write a 500-600 word essay describing the material in the book you have chosen, following these instructions:

You are to submit a first draft of your essay by 4 PM on Wednesday, March 21 in 318 Havemeyer Hall. Your report will be returned to you, with comments and suggestions for revision, the week of April 9 . You must turn in the final version (including commented first draft) by 4 PM, Wednesday, April 18.

Please keep a copy of the draft and final versions of your essay.

This assignment is worth 16% of your C1404 grade.