WINDOWS or Apple Macintosh

At the present time CHEM LAB SOFTWARE units are available for both PC Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. It works best on Windows.

Memory and Disk Space

Chem.Lab software requires a minimum of 32MB of available RAM and a minimum of 640 x 480 screen resolution.

   Software introduction


Chem.-Lab multimedia based pre-lab courseware material is prepared for Freshman Engineering students and is used in NJIT and Rutgers Universities, Newark NJ. Students before entering the Lab are required to study the courseware and demonstrate their understanding by taking the Pre-Lab quiz system1 Those students who pass the quiz are admitted to the actual lab, while others keep trying. For those students who are having difficulty in passing the quiz, an Intelligent Tutoring System called Study Buddy1 has been provided. The courseware contains currently 12 lab units that are presented using multimedia and includes a play-to-learn style of interactivity for self assessment.

Design of the courseware is based on a holistic approach where lab units are linked to real life case studies1 where applicable. Each case study is presented with chemistry knowledge as well as social, historical, economical and environmental issues. The idea is to prepare a complete engineer.  The technology is infused with the addition of context-sensitive dictionary to help those freshman with the new technology terms.

Design of the lab units are standardized to reduce the cognitive load. Organizers that provide synopsis/abstracts of various topics are used to facilitate higher level of learning and comprehension. The quiz contains numerical as well as multiple-choice questions. The Study Buddy1 provides individualized help as well as guidance so that students can construct higher order thinking analysis/synthesis. The support tools for analyzing the problem and synthesizing fundamentals are included Study Buddy1.




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The plug-ins needed to view the video files in this software is Real Player, and for the animations use Macromedia Product Flash 5.0 plug-in. The Browser required to the view the software is IE 5.0 and above and Netscape 4.0 and above. These could be downloaded from the links given above.


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This is a legal agreement between you and the above NJIT/Rutgers faculty covering your use of Chem. Lab software. This agreement must be read before using the software. If you do not agree with the terms do not use the software and destroy all copies of it. This copyright software is given free. You may use it free, but you may not distribute it. However all copyrights belong to the authors. The software is owned by the authors and protected by the U.S. copyright laws and international treaty provisions. You may not rent or lease the software, nor you may modify, adapt translate, reverse engineer, recompile, or disassemble the software. Copying/using individual sections are not permitted. The material is intended to be used as a whole or the URL address can be included. Some components of the courseware are not included in this package, however a URL address is being provided to link to the content within NJIT. If any part of this agreement is violated, your right to use it terminates automatically. 

The software and all the documents are provided AS IS and without warranty, under no circumstances shall authors be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use or inability to use the software or documentation.   


1.      Download Chem.-Lab Click here to download)  

2.      Open the folder NJIT Chemistry Lab Courseware Gateway and look for a file named index.html

3.      The index.html is your starting page for the Chemistry Lab Courseware

TIP: Make a shortcut of this index.html file on your desktop to access the software.

If you have difficulties you can contact us.
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  user manual

Start with the Steps 1 and 2 to go to actual Chem. Lab. This courseware provides multimedia based preparation material for the Freshman Chem. Lab that is used in NJIT and Rutgers Universities, Newark NJ.
The system is best run via an Internet connected computer, since some of the large/copyright files, applications are omitted from the CD such as movie files, images, real life case studies, pre-lab quiz system. However, all missing files are Internet linked to NJIT server. User with Internet access will have full functionality of the system. Pre-Lab quiz system requires password access.

1 Not available from this CD  but all references are  hyper-linked to NJIT server where it resides.

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