About this Course

In this course, we have attempted to present many resources for you to develop your own multi-disciplinary course. The class material described here is a model that we created based upon our own backgrounds, interests, strengths, and resources. We found that examining the Rudy Bruner projects (see http://www.brunerfoundation.org) became an inspiring way to explore how urban spaces can be revitalized and thereby impact entire communities within the city. As the Bruner studies already incorporate a multivalent approach, they provided a solid backbone around which we could discuss a wide range of issues, texts, music and artworks. In our version of the course, we selected readings oriented towards New York City for two reasons: 1) we are a Brooklyn-based institution, so the use of New York examples added interest and familiarity; and 2) New York is a well-known and iconic city, rich in material, especially for art and literature resources. You may, however, wish to include or substitute material relating to your local setting or include segments on several urban centers. As the Rudy Bruner Awards are given to projects across the United States, the case studies work well with reading materials about a variety of American cities.

The Course Guide section of this website presents the main themes of the class along with sample lesson plans. The Course Materials section offers annotated bibliographies and links to texts and other materials sorted by theme and genre. Additional Resources provides links and a list of other resources you may find helpful in customizing and teaching this course. This includes other possible themes and materials that we did not include in our final syllabus due to time constraints.