Engineering 181 – Winter Quarter 2000

Long Term Assignment – Bicycle Laboratory

Assignment #2 – Web and Library Research & Preliminary Calculations




Go to the Web and library and gather information on bikes.

           Helpful Web Sites:


·         Look up bicycles to find a company that manufactures (assembles) the type of bike that your company is to make.  Gather data on their bike – weight, cost, features, etc.

·         Take your own bike or one of those in the lab and make a list of all of the components that are needed to assemble a bike once you have the assigned frame.

·         Go to the Web and look up bicycle parts so that you have an on-line catalog for the bicycle parts to add to your frame.

·         For components:

·         For frame tubing:


Preliminary Cost Calculations

·         Use Excel.

·         Cost Breakdown example:

o        30%:  Manufacturing (labor, materials, power, & machinery)

o        10%:  Overhead (shipping, storage, rent office, insurance)

o        10%:  Sales commissions

o        15%:  Manufacturer’s profit

o        35%:  Dealer’s margin (profit, advertising, overhead expenses, commissions)

o        Back calculate from Selling Price

·         Frame

o        Tubing, Fittings, Welding/Brazing/Adhesives, Labor, include front fork as part of frame

o        Finishing - Undercoat, Paint, Clear Coat

·         Components

o        Brakes & Deraillures

o        Wheels & Tires

o        Crank & Chainring(s)

o        Seat Post, Seat, Stem, Handlebars & Bottom Bracket


Assignment #2: (Submit at Bike Lab 3) 

·         A company that makes a bike w/ your frame type.

·         A company that makes tubing for frames w/ $.

·         A company that sells components -brakes, etc.

·         A reference on cost of welding, brazing, etc.

·         A general reference on bikes - see above.