Engineering 181 Autumn Quarter 2000

Long Term Project - Bicycle Labs

Assignment #4: The Oral Presentation



Preparing for the Oral Presentation

         Refine the company strategy

o        Function of your product.

o        Materials chosen.

o        Why Materials were chosen.

         Refine the cost figures

o        Raw materials

o        Assembly

o        Finish

         Details & Considerations

o        Follow your outline.

o        Sketch out each slide.

o        Put in Power Point / Word.

o        Learn how the projector works and try it with your slides.

o        When are you going to practice?



         Presentation Date: ______________

         Dress: Business Casual

o        Men: Shirt w/ collar & slacks (no jeans)

o        Women: Skirt & Blouse or Slacks & Blouse

         Time allotted: 10 min max - 2 min to get next team up



Assignment #4

         During the 10th week

         Oral Presentation

         Turn in a handout version of your slides with your cover page.