Engineering 181

Lab Exercise #1





Today we want to take a few photographs with the cameras that we can use in later labs to estimate the camera’s performance characteristics, also called “parameters”.



ü                  Find your lab table. Introduce yourself to the other members of your group.


ü                  Today we need to form your groups of four into three “supergroups” of 12. Each supergroup will go to each of the three stations: Shutter, Flash, and Focal Length.


ü                  Make sure you take photos at each of the three stations before you leave.


ü                  At each station, we’ll be taking photos that will be used in the later labs.  At one station, you will take a picture of the moving bike wheel with the flash.  At another station, you will take a picture of the bike wheel without the flash.  To do this, use flood lights on the wheel, and put a finger over the flash unit.  At the third station (outside the building), you will take pictures of the meter bars at known locations.  The TA’s will explain in detail what we’re going to do at each station, so pay attention and try to take good photos.


ü                  Make sure your group has their photo taken before leaving the lab today. We’ll use these photos to help us learn your names.


ü         After the lab today, shoot the remaining film on the roll, then take it to a processing store such as Cord Camera (15th and High) or wherever to have it developed. Wherever you take the camera, be sure to ask for the camera back when they take the film out.


ü                  Bring the camera and the photos of the bike wheels with you to Lab Session Two next week.


ü                  The photos of the meter bars will be used in Lab Session Three, (in two weeks) which deals with optical measurements. Be sure to bring them with you to that lab.