Engineering 181

Winter Quarter 2001

Camera Lab #5

Lab Report Format



We would like the report for lab 5 to be based on the “informal lab report” outline. The total report only needs to be a page or two long, equally divided between the two parts: assembly and sheet metal forming.


The outline of the report should be:


  1.  What was the problem?

·        For the assembly lab, “What was the question?”

·        State the sheet metal laboratory problem (question) in your own words.

·        Use only a few sentences. This is a condensed summary of the intent of your efforts.


  1. What is the answer?

·        Present your results, preferably in tabular or graphical form with clear explanation.

·        You are expected to compare theoretical and measured quantities.

·        Schematic diagrams often clarify the quantitative results.


  1. What is the source of your answer?

·        Your results must have come from analyses and measurements. A logically organized (not chronological) description of the steps and processes that led to your results must be presented. Any result not derived from this description must be considered wrong, regardless of whether the answer is correct or not.

·        Items addressed in this portion of the report should include:

1.      Equipment and methods used to make measurements.

2.      Schematic diagrams that show how the measurements were made and the types of instruments that were used.

3.      Sample calculations.

4.      Theoretical derivations.

5.      Error analysis.

6.      Arguments that led to your results.

7.      Discussions and analysis of unsuccessful measurement attempts only if your results are incomplete.