Parts List



2 330W (see picture at left)

3 1KW (see picture at left)

2 100KW (see picture at left)

1 5KW Multi-turn trimmer potentiometer

(1 x 3/8 x 3/8 blue box)



1 .01mF (see picture at left)

1 4.7mF (see picture at left)

1 10mF (see picture at left)

        Note: Electrolytic capacitors are polarized.

        Insert so that the stripe with the minus signs

        Is on the ground side.



1 Jumbo high-intensity LED (see picture at left)

        Note: LEDs are polarized. The long lead goes to the positive side.

        If the leads have been clipped, look inside the spear shape goes to the positive side and the cup to the negative.



1                    PN2222 (see picture at left)






Integrated Circuits (ICs):

1                    NE555 Timer (8-pin package)

1 LM324 Quad Op-Amp (14-pin package)

Note: Pin 1 is always to the left of the notch.



Other Discrete Parts:

1                    Cadmium sulfide photocell

1 SPST switch