Engineering 182 - Final Course Evaluation

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Student Review


Program: Introduction to Engineering II

Please rate the following statements according to your proficiency level at this point in time.

To rate your proficiency, click on the appropriate number (1-5). You may put any comments you have in the box at the end of the form. When you are finished, please press the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to enter your data.

Proficiency levels rated 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

Section I: During 182, I developed the knowledge, skills, and abilities to:

1. Set goals, prioritize tasks, and meet project "milestones."

2. Create a plan with timetables to complete assigned work.

3. Use basic construction techniques, materials and tools in the lab to build a working model.

4. Effectively develop potential solutions to design-build problems.

5. Write a thorough project report that is well organized, flows logically, and is grammatically correct.

6. Write a project report that will allow another team to reproduce the work.

7. Develop a technical oral report that is clear, concise, factual, and a reflection of a team effort.

8. Participate and cooperate as a team member with an emphasis on maintaining a working team.

9. Read and prepare working drawings (dimensioning) using CAD at an introductory level.

10. Integrate and use basic knowledge of math, mechanics, circuits, and sensors to solve a technical, "real world" laboratory problem.

11. Prepare visual aids for presentation using tools like Power Point.

Section II

1. To what extent have you developed your knowledge of the engineering design process this quarter? Please explain.

2. Are you satisfied with your growth in oral and written communication skills as a result of this quarter? Please explain.

3. In your opinion, did your team accomplish most of what it set out to do this quarter? Please explain.

4. Do you plan to return to the College of Engineering next quarter? What major(s) do you have in mind? (If not Engineering, what other career interests or major do you have at this time?)

5. Please list 3-5 things you have liked about the IE program.

6. What suggestions for change do you have for the program and why?

Please place any other comments below regarding your first two quarters in the Intro to Engineering Program.

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