This section, called the data dictionary, documents or rather provides information concerning the data in the database. The file name to run this database is called enviro.wb2. Quattro Pro for Windows was utilized to create the database. Collectively, this database consists of eight separate files that were linked together to develop one large file. Each file represents an industry, whether it is a municipal treatment plant or an industrial factory. In turn, each of the files is placed in separate folders that are labeled accordingly and color coded. What follows next is a detailed portrayal of the attributes (A.K.A., column headings, fields), tuples (A.K.A., rows, records), and file names.

Slave File Name: MTP_A (Municipal Treatment Plant A)
Maximum Number of Rows: 94
Number of Fields: 14

The next five metadata describes the files MTP_B through MTP_F. All have similar features only differing in the influent and effluent values. Therefore, the ensuing description will apply to all of the files.

Slave File Name: MTP_B
Slave File Name: MTP_C
Slave File Name: MTP_D
Slave File Name: MTP_E
Slave File Name: MTP_F
Maximum Number of Rows: 54
Number of Fields: 14

Slave File Name: Electrochem
Maximum Number of Rows: 62
Number of Fields: 9

Slave File Name: Pharm
Maximum Number of Rows: 93
Number of Fields: 5

Slave File Name: Battery
Maximum Number of Rows: 26
Number of Fields: 5

The next set of metadata is for the safety information. Most of the description in each field is obtained from NIOSH.

Slave File Name: Safety_Stuff
Maximum Number of Rows: 121
Number of Fields: 9

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