The Everglades National Park
FIU IDH 4007


Rowena Iliescu
IDH 4007
Journal Entry #5
November 12, 1999

If you don't like what I choose
thatís okay but donít accuse
me of forcing on you my views.
Since you obviously haven't read the news
about the Everglades and how we use
rainwater that accrues
there during summer, ignorance like yours is what imbrues
our history, for which we still pay dues.
If the significance eludes
your ken while beauty there imbues
my spirit, then I guess I must excuse
you and count myself lucky. Because I am enthus-
iastic and like wading in my running shoes
through Taylor and Shark River Sloughs
while watching sunset's myriad pink and purple hues.
From days like these I receive important clues.
And I realize that zoos
are not where I would choose
to watch a gator while he stews
gets the blues, blows a fuse
coz other gators line up next to him like the faithful in their pews.
But when you're slogging through some sloughs
the reason {unlike Seaworld} is not to comfortably amuse
but rather give you cues
about why we're here, what to do, and what we stand to lose.
So you choose.

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