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The Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Collection

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Arthur R. Marshall Foundation
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Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Papers (1919-1985),
University of Florida Libraries

This collection contains digital reproductions of papers by Arthur Raymond Marshall, Jr., (1920-1985) a south Florida ecologist whose work spanned "every significant environmental struggle in South Florida ... from dredging and filling issues in the 1950's to the repair of the Everglades today" (Al Burt, "The Marshall Plan", "Tropic", The Miami Herald, October 21 1984.) He campaigned against building a jetport and a barge canal in the Everglades, and, through his "Marshall Plan", promoted the restoration of the Kissimmee River to its natural state.

Sponsored by the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation & the Florida Environmental Institute, this collection of papers has been furnished to the Everglades Digital Library to provide a total perspective on the career of Arthur R. Marshall. His "total system view", recognizing the scientific basis for treating the Everglades from Lake Kissimmee to the Florida Bay as a single ecosystem, has emerged as the prevailing approach for restoring the south Florida ecosystem today.

If you would like more information on the ARM archives, please refer to the archival register from the Marshall Collection at University of Florida. You may also contact the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation for more information.

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