University of Florida, Center for Natural Resources, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

REPORT CNR-1997-1002
Water Management Issues Affecting the C-111 Basin, Dade County, Florida

Appendix A. GIS Diagrams

Figure A-1. Dade County with the general and project study areas enlarged.390 k
Figure A-2. Land use (1988) in Dade County, as compiled by the South Florida Water Management District, showing the generalized distribution of agriculture and other land uses in the study area and surroundings. 510 k
Figure A-3. Map of the general study area south of Tamiami and east of 80 degrees, 45 minutes longitude with all rain gauges, wells, flow stations, structures and stage stations plotted.366 k
Figure A-4. Map of project study area with all wells, flow stations, structures, rain gauges, and stage stations plotted but not labeled. 62k
Figure A-5. Map of the project study area showing all wells, flow stations, rain gauges, and stage stations for which data were graphed. All canals are plotted and major canals are labeled. 86 k

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