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REPORT CNR-1997-1002
Water Management Issues Affecting the C-111 Basin, Dade County, Florida

Table 3-1. Some important hydrologic events in Dade County, south Florida.
1871 Floods in Greater Miami area 
Considered equal to or greater than the floods of 1928 and 1947 
No detailed records available, mentioned in USACOE-JAX (1995c)
1898 Floods in Greater Miami area  
Considered equal to or greater than the floods of 1928 and 1947 
No detailed records available, mentioned in USACOE-JAX (1995c)
1926 Exceptionally severe flooding 
No detailed records available, mentioned in USACOE-JAX (1995c)
1928 Floodwaters were on low-lying areas for 105 days 
Exceeded the 1947 flood in depth, area of inundation, and duration 
Described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994)
1947 Flooding in September and October 
Exceptional from standpoint of duration & intensity 
Several months before floodwaters subsided 
Described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994), mapped in MacVicar (1983)
1948 Considered fairly severe (more than 1952 and 1953), but less so than  
1947 both in rainfall intensity and antecedent storage accumulation  
Described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994) and USACOE-JAX (1995c)
1952 Not much specific information given 
As described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994), while comparatively minor,  
considerable damage resulted from recent developments
1953 Unusually heavy seasonal rainfall combined with a tropical storm, 
produced about 40 inches of rainfall from June through October 
While comparatively minor, considerable damage resulted from recent  
developments as described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994) 
Also mentioned in USACOE-JAX (1995c)
1957 Unseasonably heavy rains over south-central Florida, Dec 23-25 
Much lakefront flooding in late 1957 and January 1958 
Considered to be a 1 in 10-year storm (USACOE-JAX, 1995c)
1960 Hurricane Donna, September 1960 
September 1960 described as one of the wettest months in SFWMD 
described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994) and USACOE-JAX (1995c)
1965 Hurricane Betsy, August 1965 
Impact in study area unknown, report issued by SFWMD (1965)
1969 Heavy rains in March, especially south shore of Lake Okeechobee 
Maximum stage was 16.48 ft 
Mentioned in USACOE-JAX (1995c)
1970-72 Extreme rainfall deficiency in dry season 
Report issued by SFWMD (Storch, 1972)
1979 Severe storm, April 24-25 
Report issued by SFWMD (1979)
1981 Tropical Storm Dennis, August 16-18 
The Homestead and Florida City area reported 20" or more of rainfall 
The S-28 gauge registered 18.82", exceeding the 100-yr return period 
Report issued by SFWMD (1982), described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994)
1982 Rainstorm, March 28-29 
Report issued by SFWMD (Lin and Jane, 1982) 
Rainstorm of April 23-26, 1982 
Maximum rainfalls of 15.82 inches in Dade County 
Report by SFWMD (Lin, 1982), described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994)
1983 Severe rainfall event, September 22-25, 1983 
Report issued by SFWMD (1983)
1984 Rainfall event, May 22-31 
Report issued by SFWMD (1984a) 
Dry season (Nov. 83-May 84) rainfall 130% of normal 
Report issued by SFWMD (Lin, 1984) 
Rainfall event, November 21-26 
Report issued by SFWMD (1984b)
1985 Tropical Storm Bob, July 22-24 
Report issued by SFWMD (1985)
1988 Succession of heavy rainfall events in south Dade in June 
Monthly rainfalls of 16.8 inches around Homestead 
Described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994) 
Additional storms in south Dade and C-111 basin in August 
Monthly rainfalls of over 18 inches near S-331 
Described in GRR (USACOE-JAX, 1994)
1988-89 Rainfall deficiency, Sept 88-Aug 89, 13 inches below normal 
Report issued by SFWMD (Marban et al. 1989)
1991 Storm event, January 15-17 
Report issued by SFWMD (1991a) 
Storm event, October 8-10 
Report issued by SFWMD (1991b)
1992 Rainstorm, June 23-30 
Report issued by SFWMD (1992b) 
Hurricane Andrew, September 
No specific reports by SFWMD yet published
1994 Extended wet season 
Report issued by SFWMD (1995d)
1995 Extended wet season 
No specific reports by SFWMD yet published

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