University of Florida, Center for Natural Resources, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

REPORT CNR-1997-1002
Water Management Issues Affecting the C-111 Basin, Dade County, Florida

Table 5-1. Sources and descriptions of existing ARC/INFO Geographic Information Systems (GIS) coverages that are stored at the University of Florida and that can be used for further studies. D.D. is an abbreviation for drainage district.

COE c111hyd  Hydrographic features, modified water delivery area
COE c111prop2 Proposed features of the C-111 project
COE c111struc Structures associated with the C-111 project
COE canalpt-elev Canal elevation points, 1935 Everglades D.D. map
COE canals-mfl Canals associated w/modified flow deliveries model
COE coemons COE water quality stations in South Florida
COE contour Elevation contours in ENP
COE dadescs Soils in Dade County generalized by USACOE
COE datasp-utm Elevation points, Aero-metric, Inc.
COE elev30  Digitized contours, 1935 Everglades D.D. map
COE elev40  Digitized contours, 1948 Everglades D.D. map
COE levee  Proposed levee location, 8.5 sq. mi. area
COE melev-pts Muck elevation points, 1935 Everglades D.D. map
COE mwdprop2 Proposed features, modified water delivery project
COE park-elv Elevation profile lines in ENP
COE swq_derm DERM water quality stations in Dade County
COE wmd-wq SFWMD water quality stations in Dade County
GeoPlan basins  Hydrological basins in Dade County
GeoPlan boundary Boundary for Dade County
GeoPlan flarail  Rail lines in Dade County
GeoPlan hydro  Hydrological features in Dade County
GeoPlan lulevel2 Land use level2 in Dade County
GeoPlan plss  Public lands in Dade County 
GeoPlan roads  Roads in Dade County
GeoPlan topo5  5 ft contours for Dade County
SFWMD da-basins Hydrological basins in Dade County
SFWMD da-evapsta Evaporation gauges in Dade County
SFWMD da-flowsta Flow gauges in Dade County
SFWMD da-flum Future land use in Dade County
SFWMD da-nwi90 National Wildlife Inventory in Dade County
SFWMD da-publicbd Public lands in Dade County
SFWMD da-rainsta Rain gauges in Dade County
SFWMD da-ssurgo Soils in Dade County
SFWMD da-str  Section, township, and ranges in Dade County
SFWMD da-strucloc Structure locations in Dade County

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