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Aboveground Biomass and Production in Mangrove Communities of Biscayne National Park, Florida (USA), Following Hurricane Andrew Report to The South Florida Water Management District, June 25, 1998 Michael S. Ross, Pablo L Ruiz, Guy J. Telesnicki, & John F. Meeder
Hurricane Andrew and Upland Forest Succession in Biscayne National Park, Report to the U. S. National Park Service, March 10, 1998 M. S. Ross, G. Telesnicki, P. L. Ruiz, and L. J. Flynn.
Windthrow in South Florida Pine Rocklands: Pit-and-Mound Features and Plant Microhabitat Associations Following Hurricane Andrew, Report to Everglades National Park, July 15, 1997 M. S. Ross, J. F. Meeder, J. P. Sah, A. Herndon, P. L. Ruiz, and G. Telesnicki
A Study of the Distribution of Several South Florida Endemic Plants in the Florida Keys Report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, March 15, 1996 Michael S. Ross, Ph. D. and Pablo L Ruiz
An Action Plan to Conserve the Native Plants of Florida
Southeast Environmental Research Program and Center for Plant Conservation, 1995.
Mike Ross
Water management issues affecting the C-111 Basin, Dade County, Florida: Hydrologic Sciences Task Force Initial Assessment Report
Graham, Campbell, Mossa, et al., 1997. University of Florida, Center for Natural Resources, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, CNR-1997-1002. June 6, 1997. 156 pp.
David Genereux
Periphyton storm water treatment area test C-111 Project [Draft 3 OCT 97] Dr. Ronald Jones
South Florida Ecosystem Assessment:
Monitoring for adaptive management, Implications for ecosystem restoration
(Interim Report). United States Environmental Protection Agency, December 1996
Dr. Ronald Jones

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