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Report M-660

Report M-660
Cape Sable Sparrow Management Plan


James A. Kushlan, Oron L. Bass, Jr., Lloyd L. Loope, William B. Robertson, Jr., Peter C. Rosendahl, and Dale L. Taylor

National Park Service, South Florida Research Center
Everglades National Park, Homestead, Florida 33030

April 1982

Introduction [HTML format]
Frontmatter [Adobe PDF 3.0; 6.8 MB] Title page, Table of Contents, List of Figures
Part I [Adobe PDF 3.0; 2 MB] Introduction; Distribution and History; Biology; Subpopulation areas; Potential Limiting Factors; Conclusions
Part II: Recovery [Adobe PDF 3.0; 8.5 MB] Objectives; Recovery Outline; Recovery Recommendations; Literature Cited; Appendix I (Designated critical habitat for the Cape Sable Sparrow)
Figures [Adobe PDF; 18 MB] Figures 1-10

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