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About the Everglades Online Database

Quick Intro

The Everglades Online (EOL) database is a 'webliography' covering the greater Everglades ecosystem. EOL provides access to both the increasingly-rich body of online or Internet-based information resources relating to the south Florida environment, as well as to the published literature that is available through 'traditional' channels such as libraries, bookstores or other information providers. Your search in Everglades Online may retrieve (depending on your search strategy), citations and abstracts for books, newspaper or journal articles found on the shelves of most libraries; electronic documents and other data sources available on the Everglades Digital Library; or home pages and other resources available on other sites on the Web. No matter what the ultimate location of the source material, Everglades Online will provide the descriptive details you need to determine if you wish to retrieve the complete item, and help you actually get your hands (or mouse) on it.


The Everglades Online database covers the scientific, natural, agricultural resources of the south Florida environment. Everglades Online is produced as a tool for researchers, educators, students, decision makers, information professionals, and anyone else interested in Everglades research, restoration or resource management.

The term 'Everglades' is used in its broadest sense to mean the greater Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades watershed, from Central Florida all the way down to the Florida Keys. The 'Everglades' then, comprises several distinct and notable ecosystems, including Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades Agricultural Area, the Loxahatchee Wilderness, Big Cypress, Biscayne and Florida Bay, Everglades National Park, and the Florida Keys.


Everglades Online is a service of the Everglades Information Network, a partnership between Florida International University Libraries, the Southeast Environmental Research Center, and numerous libraries and scientific agencies dedicated to disseminating high-quality information to the entire Everglades community. The database resides on the Library User Information System (LUIS) of the Florida Center for Library Automation, and possesses the same commands and search features available for any other LUIS databases.


Information resources cataloged in this database include both printed and electronic sources, representing not only documents and publications, but also visual materials such as photos, slides, and videos, as well as data sources, such as maps and numerical datasets. Source materials come from the FIU Southeast Environmental Research Center, the Restoration Ecology Branch of USGS-BRD Florida Caribbean Science Center, the National Park Service, libraries of the State University System of Florida, including Florida International University Libraries; and various other repositories and publishers of Everglades-related information. Though not a primary goal of the Everglades Information Network staff, the journal literature is selectively covered -- specifically, we have included relevant citations and abstracts produced for the National Park Service's Natural Resource Bibliography (with the express permission of the NPS Project Manager). And we certainly welcome suggestions for inclusion -- send us your reprints!

Database Structure

Each record in the Everglades Online database, as shown in the sample record below, includes a basic citation (author, title, publisher/producer, publication date) and a notice of availability. For resources available electronically on the Internet/World Wide Web, e.g., all of the resources in the Everglades Digital Library, as well as Web pages and electronic documents from other agencies, the record will contain a hyperlink that connects you directly to the item on the remote server. For source items that exist in print from a library or other information provider, the availability note directs you where to go to find or order the item. Please note that Everglades Online, the Everglades Digital Library, or Everglades Information Network, are NOT document delivery services -- we can not provide materials on demand (although we try our best to get them online so you can electronically help yourself!)

User Assistance

See the Everglades Online Search Guide and Thesaurus for help in designing or performing a search in Everglades Online. For general assistance in using the WebLUIS system, you may go to the WebLUIS Search Guide produced by the Florida Center for Library Automation.

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