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Vol. 1, No. 1 - March, 1953 - Salutation.


I t is with real pleasure that I salute the Everglades Natural History Association and take the oppportunity to say a few words in this, the first issue of a new magazine, Everglades Natural History, produced by a new natural history association in our youngest national park.

We of the National Park Service take just pride in the accomplishments of the natural history associations connected with the national parks and monuments. Over the years they have contributed immensely to the effectiveness of the Service's interpretive activities and have made possible projects that could not have been undertake with Federal funds. We hold high hopes for the success of this new association, which is initiating its program with real vision.

Among the national parks the Everglades is outstanding in the spectacular abundance of its water birds and other wild things. This magazine, dealing largely was it will with Everglades wildlife, has a story to tell that is different from that of other parks, and that is very appealing to the public. I believe that it will hold a real interest for both South Floridaians and the many visitors to the park.

As a long-time advocate of national park magazines, I congratulate the Everglades Natural History Association on its decision to issue a natural history magazine, and I wish it the best of luck. May the magazine live long and successfully fill a real need.


National Park Service

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