Hole-in-the-Donut Restoration Collection

The materials in this collection relate to the restoration of the "Donut", an area of intense invasion by exotic plants, most notably Schinus terebinthifolius, or Brazilian pepper. Files represent reports, legal materials, maps, slides, and other data from restoration projects conducted by the South Florida Natural Resources Center, Everglades National Park. Prospective HID researchers will also find the HID Strategic Plan and its Appendixes, as well as background information and proposal requirements.

South Florida Ecosystem Restoration TaskForce Collection

The interagency "Taskforce" directs and coordinates government-sponsored restoration activities in south Florida, and comprises representatives from Federal, State of Florida, and Tribal agencies. Their collection offers both detailed and summary reports on the status and progress of restoration and resource management initiatives, focusing on both administrative/legal and scientific issues.

FIU Libraries Collections

This collection includes unique materials from the FIU Libraries' Special Collections Department, such as the former magazine Everglades Natural History, the photographic exhibition, "Warmth of the Everglades", as well as course materials/syllabi, papers and reports from FIU faculty, students and staff. Check here for the syllabus and papers from Dr. Peter Machonis' Honors Seminar IDH 4007:The Everglades: from Beginning to End?

South Florida Natural Resources Center Collection

The SFNRC Collection comprises Everglades technical reports published by the South Florida Natural Resources Center (formerly "South Florida Research Center"). The current SFNRC series, beginning in 1997, is being produced specifically for distribution here. The former SFRC reports, spanning 1979 to 1989, are being added as they are converted to electronic format.

SERP Reports

Selected technical and research reports from the staff of the Southeast Environmental Research Program (SERP), a leading center for research and monitoring in south Florida.

Everglades Educational & Interpretive materials

This collection includes interpretive brochures, program guides, curriculum materials, course syllabi, and other files relating to education at both the K-12 and college levels.

Walt Dineen Collection

Walt Dineen Society is an interdisciplinary forum for south Florida research. This collection includes their annual conference program with abstracts.

Other Everglades-related Internet Links

This annotated 'Webliography' is a hyperlinked, annotated listing of Internet resources selected by the EDL librarians for their value and quality.

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