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Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Collection

A proposal to establish the Florida Environmental Institute, (March, 1972)

For the Future of Florida, Repair the Everglades, (1982)

The Kissimmee-Okeechobee Basin, (December 12, 1972)

South Florida -- a case study in carrying capacity, (1972)

Statement to Governing Board, South Florida Water Management District, (June 11, 1981)

Water problems of South Florida, (January 26, 1971)

The Marshall Plan (Al Burt's Florida)

Another prediction for the Florida Everglades System, (March 26, 1983)

A critique of water management in south Florida, (Nov. 20-21, 1980)

Energy and growth, (March 13-14, 1973)

Water Management Bulletin, (December-January 1971-72)

Statement to Joint Committee of the Florida Legislature on South Florida Area Regional Organization, (January 17, 1972)

Statement to the subcommittee on national parks and recreation of the committee on interior and insular affairs, (February 15, 1972)

Environmental Impact of the Big Cypress Swamp Jetport, (1969)

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