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Everglades National Park

This is the official web site of Everglades National Park, providing general visitor information about the location, accommodations, rates, facilities, etc. for the Park, as well as articles from the Park newsletter, press releases, and an Everglades FAQ document.

Museum Collection Profile for Everglades National Park

The National Park Service has prepared this description of ENP's museum and archives facility, with a brief overview of the scope and size of the collection.

Friends of the Everglades

Founded in 1969 by activist/writer Marjory Stoneman Douglas, this non-profit group continues to offer educational programs and information services dedicated to the Everglades.


Florida Bay News

Online copies of the quarterly newsletter produced by Everglades National Park.

Everglades Report (National Audubon Society)

The first of this series, produced in April 1998, covers the Central and Southern Florida Restudy; purchase of Everglades Agricultural Area lands; enhancement of Water Preserve Areas; the Environmental Impact Study for the Homestead Air Reserve Base area; the near-extinct status of the Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow; the cooperation of the Tavernier Science Center and the Everglades Conservation Office (NAS-ECO); and more

An Everglades report card

Army Corps of Engineers COL. Terry Rice gives current restoration efforts a mixed review. (Miami Herald, June 1997)

Kissimmee Restoration (SFWMD)

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) provides a look at the Kissimmee River restoration plan and ongoing research on the Kissimmee River Basin.

Waterworld: A hundred years of plumbing, plantations, and politics in the Everglades"

This excellent article written by Don Hinrichsen for the Summer 1995 issue of Amicus Journal covers the history of Everglades drainage and destruction, and provides a useful timeline of events from the earliest efforts to drain Lake Okeechobee in 1881 to the passage of the Everglades Forever Act in 1994.

"America's Least Wanted: Alien Species Invasions of U.S. Ecosystems

The Nature Conservancy has prepared this report on exotic species invasions, with a special section on Melaleuca's intrusion into the Everglades ecosystem.

Everglades Plant Diversity

An illustrated introduction to the plants of the Everglades prepared by students at Andrews University.

Everglades habitats

Fact sheet prepared by the Interpretive office at Everglades National Park.

Everglades 101: An Introduction to the Ecosystem

Overview of the Everglades, prepared by the Interpretive office at Everglades National Park.

"Back to the Everglades"

Norman Boucher's article, reprinted from Technology Review, looks at the benefits -- and costs -- of restoring the Everglades.

Dying From Thirst

George Mason University geography major Terrence Busch prepared this hypermedia report on the destruction of the Florida Everglades as his senior project.

Everglades National Park, Florida

UNESCO maintains this page featuring the World Heritage Sites in the United States, of which the Everglades is one.

Everglades National Park / World Heritage Site, Two Anniversaries

Everglades Province [Chapter 50 In Ecological Subregions of the United States]

General introduction to the geomorphology, soils, vegetation and other ecological characteristics of the Florida Everglades.

Florida Everglades FAQ

Produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council,a non-profit environmental advocacy agency, this document discusses questions such as 'what makes the Everglades unique'; 'what has caused their current threatened condition'; and 'what's being done to 'save the Everglades''.

Key To Florida Bay Locked In Ancient Coral

Brief article discusses research findings from a study at UM's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, indicating that Florida Bay's water problems may have originated from the construction of the Florida East Coast Railway in the 19th century.

Mercury In Florida's Environment

General discussion of the causes, impacts and possible solutions for mercury in the Everglades.

Our Living Resources

This hypertext book represents the "report to the Nation on the distribution, abundance, and health of U.S. plants, animals, and ecosystems", produced by the National Biological Service, US Department of the Interior. It is the online version of the Printed and CD-ROM book by the same name. Several sections of the book (including "Coastal & Marine Ecosystems", "Human Influences") include descriptions of Everglades-related species, ecosystems, and management problems within the park and throughout South Florida.

The Everglades Home Page

This site offers excerpts from the book The Everglades, published by the Florida Conservation Foundation.

The Everglades : Evolution of Management in a Turbulent Ecosystem

A brief essay reprinted from Gunderson, et al.Barriers and bridges to the renewal of regional ecosystems Columbia University Press, New York, in press.


"The Environmental Column", Miami Herald

This column by Miami Herald reporter Cy Zaneski covers the south Florida environment beat.

Everglades Reporter

This monthly newsletter published by the Friends of the Everglades covers new actions, news items, and environmental goings-on in south Florida.

NPCA's 1999 List of 10 Most Endangered National Parks

National Parks and Conservation Association report on the Everglades and the 10 most endangered national parks.
"After more than a half-century of intensive agricultural and suburban development in south Florida, and the related depletion and disruption of the region's natural water flows, the national parks of the state-particularly Everglades, Big Cypress, and Biscayne-are shadows of their former selves."

Swamp and Circumstance: Planners Hope the Natural System Model Can Help Restore the Everglades. But Will It Survice Politics?

Written recently, Jacob Berstein of the Miami New Times presents the Natural System Model, a controversial restoration plan that hopefully will save the Everglades.

Saving the Everglades: Who Should Pay?

Recent article from the Christian Science Monitor examines the actions of environmentalists, sugar industry leaders, and the federal government to fund Everglades restoration.

Everglades Digital Edition

The Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel offers a special 'online' edition of their newspaper, with stories about Everglades past, present and future.

South Florida Environmental Reader

The South Florida Environmental Reader, or SFER, is an electronic newsletter focusing on environmental issues and topics relating to South Florida, including many articles and news items about the Everglades. This site provides the current issue, along with archives of previous ones.

Fixing the Everglades: Who should pay?

Written in late October 1996, this series of articles from the Tampa Tribune look at the troubled Everglades environment and how the proposed (and ultimately defeated) sugar tax could be used to help restore it.

Swamp of Doom (Satire)

In this column, Miami-based humorist Dave Barry presents his account of a day's hike in the Florida Everglades.

Other Everglades Resources On the Internet

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