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Everglades Digital Library

Everglades Digital Library

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Part 5

Maps and Photograph Collections

Audobon's The Birds of America

An online exhibit sponsored by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, offering an excellent collection of south Florida birds.

John Kunkel Small Collection, Florida State Archives

This collection includes several dozen photos of Everglades flora, fauna, and other views from the early part of this century.

Everglades photography by Joanne Williams

Beautiful, full-color images of birds in the Everglades.

Florida Geological Survey Collection

This Collection consists of photographs documenting the geological and archaeological sites of Florida from 1909 to 1952. Images include fossil and mineral specimens, geologic formations, and mining sites and equipment.

Big Cypress Gallery: the Photographic Art of Clyde Butcher

Renowned landscape photographer Clyde Butcher maintains this electronic gallery with samples of his work in the Everglades.

Everglades National Park: Past and Present

An exhibit of black-and-white photographs from Everglades National Park, with brief narrative by local historian.

Ralph Munroe Collection (Historical Museum of South Florida)

A small selection of historical photographs taken by photographer Ralph Middleton Munroe, who captured life in south Florida in the late 1880's and early 1900's.

Claude Matlack Photographs (Historical Museum of South Florida)

A small selection of historical photographs taken by commercial photographer Claude Matlack, who worked in Miami and Miami Beach between 1918 and 1942.

The Everglades and 10,000 Islands Florida Birds

'Go Florida' provides this small collection of nice photos, including the heron, egret, osprey, and other feathery inhabitants of south Florida.

Florida Museum of Natural History Photo Galleries

Collections include herpetology; ichthyology; ornithology; and paleontology.

Everglades Sample Imagery

This small sampling of images is available from the the U.S. Department of Energy through their Airborne Multisensor Pod System (AMPS) program for aerial data collection, integration, and analysis.

Satellite image of the Everglades (EROS Data Center)

In this Landsat thematic mapper image from 1993, the Everglades contrasts strikingly with the agricultural lands below Lake Okeechobee and the West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami metropolis spreading inland from Florida's eastern shore. Canals and roads criss-cross the Everglades, diverting the natural flow of water to serve expanding agriculture and urban growth.

South Florida Water Management District Maps (historical)

Maps of the south Florida district from the years 1900; 1953; and 1973.

South Florida Land Cover Map (U.S.G.S. Biological Resources Division)

The Gap Analysis Program of the U.S.G.S has completed version 2.1 of the land cover map for south Florida. It is available for downloading in Erdas Imagine, Erdas 7.5 or binary format. It may be helpful to consult the README file before attempting to download and use this image.

Everglades Construction Photos (South Florida Water Management District)

Photographs showing structures from Stormwater Treatment Areas.

Graphics and Pictures Library (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Aerial and ground pictures taken during a reconnaissance trip to establish additional gaging locations to support projects such as the Modified Water Deliveries to Everglades Natoinal Park and the C-111. Additional photos were taken during a field investigation to the Kissimmee River Restoration Project.

Aquatic Plant & Wetland Photographs

This collection, developed by the IFAS Center for Aquatic Plants, University of Florida, includes over 300 digital color images of aquatic and wetland plants. For each species covered, you will find a large color image and smaller images of various lifeforms. Species are listed both by scientific and common name.

Photographs of Aquatic Birds on Plants

A small collection of photos made available through IFAS's Aquatic Plant Information Retrieval System.

Other Everglades Resources on the Internet

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