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Everglades Digital Library

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Part 6

Instructional Resources

Educational Resources: Everglades National Park

From the Interpretive Division of Everglades National Park, a collection of activity guides, resources for teachers, as well as information about school visits to the Park and a recommended reading list.

A Case Study of Florida's Everglades

The Civil Engineering Department at Florida International University has developed these instructional modules on the Everglades as a prototype in interactive and experiential learning.

The Uncertainties in the Florida Everglades

An adaptive management course offered by staff at the Arthur R. Marshall Lab, University of Florida.

Cross-Scale Exploration of the Everglades

The Conservation Development Forum offers this Web-based slide show, showing views of the Everglades from a 1m to 10,000 km scale.

Water Colors in Florida Bay

This animation, developed by the Conservation Development Forum, depicts patterns of different color water in Florida Bay. It represents a interpolation of maps made by the Florida Marine Research Institute, and the Bay Watch program of the Nature Conservancy.

Florida's Water

This multimedia tutorial, prepared by the Environmental Information Center of the Florida Conservation Foundation, covers all aspects of Florida's Water supply and quality, from aquifers and recharge areas to the quality of surface waters, preservation of the coasts and the Everglades, and more.

Miami Museum of Science, Everglades section

This resource was developed by the teachers and students of Avocado Elementary School, Homestead, Florida, and the staff of the Miami Museum of Science. "This resource is one of the outcomes of a school wide inquiry into the Everglades at Avocado Elementary in Homestead, Florida as part of the Science Learning Network project. It was created by a group of Avocado's teachers and Miami Museum of Science staff."

The JASON Project

In 1996 the JASON VII project featured an electronic field trip to the Everglades and Florida Bay. The project Web site offers a program overview; expedition journals from the participating scientists; curriculum guides for teachers; and online activities for students.

Florida Keys Virtual Field Trip

Stone Junior High Students prepared this Web essay about their annual field trip to Florida Bay, a program of the MarineLab, Marine Resources Development Foundation.

Everglades Ecology: An EarthWatch Study Program

Led by a leading Everglades researcher, Dr. William Platt, Louisiana State University, this study investigates the ecology of Everglades pine savannas and subtropical hardwood hammocks.

Endangered! Exploring a World at Risk

This virtual exhibit, sponsored by the American Museum of Natural History, features numerous species from Everglades habitats. The tour includes color photos, textual descriptions, points for discussion, a glossary and list of readings about endangered species.

Florida Advisory Council on Environmental Education

The FACEE homepage provides information about the Council, its membership, programs, and funding resources.

Center for Environmental Education, Dade County Public Schools

This department offers resources for teachers and students interested in studying the south Florida environment. It also offers an electronic 'Q&A' service, "Ask an Environmental Educator".

Tropical Marine Ecology of the Florida Keys, Everglades & San Salvador, Bahamas-1998

This credit course, offered by Miami Univesity for undergraduates and graduates, introduces students to "the ecologic environments of the Bahamas, Everglades and Florida Keys. Topics will be covered from an interdisciplinary perspective and students should have a keen interest in natural science."

Other Everglades Resources on the Internet

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