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Everglades-related Laws, Legal, & Policy Information


Everglades Litigation Collection (University of Miami Law School)

A collection of records pertaining to various lawsuits which have been filed, over the past decade or so, in state and federal fora over water quality issues involving the Florida Everglades.

Everglades Forever Act (Florida Statutes 373.4592)

This act, passed by the Florida Legislature in 1994, provides for a comprehensive clean-up/restoration plan that addresses water quality, water quantity, and water timing (or hydroperiod) problems.

Project Cost Estimates for Implementing the Everglades Forever Act

The Florida Legislature, Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability ha prepared this preliminary report on the erroneously low cost estimates made by the South Florida Water Management District (April 1997).

Everglades National Park Protection and Expansion Act of 1989

The full text of US Code, Title 16, Chapter 1, Subchapter LIV: Everglades National Park increasing protection for the Everglades National Park and assuring better management of the resources in and around it.

Statement by Carol Browner on Governor's Commission for a Sustainable South Florida

The full text of EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner, delivered in West Palm Beach in March 1996. (mirrored on EIN from original location at

Everglades Water Diversions and Trade (EVER Case)

Sponsored by the School of International Service at American University and with a cooperative grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Division of Environmental Statistic, the Trade and Environmental Database (TED) is a collection of trade and environment cases.

Environmental Assessment Land Acquisition: Everglades Agricultural Area, Florida

This report, prepared and issued by the Department of Interior, assesses the administrative action of purchasing lands within the EAA in order to help restore water quality and other natural conditions in the South Florida ecosystem.

Restoring the Everglades: Public Participation in Federal Efforts
(Letter Report, 10/24/95, GAO/RCED-96-5)

This report from the Government Accounting Office (GAO),prepared on October 24, 1995 in response to requests from Congress, reviewed: (1) federal efforts to involve nonfederal stakeholders in environmental restoration efforts in South Florida; and (2) the lessons learned about federal and nonfederal collaboration and consensus-building in South Florida that might be applicable elsewhere.

Everglades and South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Act

Section 528, Water Resources Development Act of 1996 [via the South Florida Ecosystem restoration Taskforce ] addresses Everglades and South Florida Ecosystem Restoration

Conservation Provisions of the 1996 Farm Bill (USDA)

The farm bill supports ongoing efforts to protect the Everglades ecosystem. This provision authorizes $200 million for restoration activities, including land acquisition. Authority is also provided to sell or exchange an additional $100 million in federal land to help protect the Everglades.

National Park Enabling Legislation Database

A free service of the National Parks and Conservation Association (NCPA), this database provides information on the original authorizing legislation for each park.

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